Bielovodská dolina (The Whitewaters Valley)
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    The Whitewaters Valley is the largest valley in the High Tatras (10 km long). It is the only valley in the region having typical alpine character. The valley has a wide grassy bottom and forested slopes in its lower part.
    It is surrounded by a crotch of Široká in the east and the state border (ascending up to the Rysy peak) in the west. The main ridge of the High Tatras creates a huge craggy amphitheater at the end of the valley with a lot of peaks such as the Východná Vysoká (Eastern High), Zadný Gerlach, Gánok, Vysoká peak and the Rysy peak. A tourist path (marked with blue color) continues to the valley at the border crossing Lysá Poľana. Following the small creek Biela voda (White Water) through the woods you would get to Poľana pod Vysokou where you will have a view at three side-valleys: Svišťová (Marmot Valley), Kačacia (Duck Valley) and Česká (Czech Valley), mountain lakes and two waterfalls: Český vodopád (Czech Waterfall) and Hviezdoslavov vodopád (Hviezdoslav´s Waterfall).
    After passing Poľana the path continues more steeply. You would pass the Hviezdoslav´s Waterfall, the Duck Valley and the Litvorová Valley. Then you would get to the Litvorovo Mountain-lake and Litvorová priehyba and come to the Marmot Valley. Above the Zamrznuté pleso (Frozen Mountain-lake) you can chose one of two tourist paths. The blue mark continues to the mountain-saddle Prielom (secured with chains) and to the Veľká Studená Dolina (Great Cold Valley). The green mark crosses the mountain-saddle Poľský Hrebeň where starts the Velická Valley. From the saddle you can get (following the yellow mark) to the Východná Vysoká (Eastern High ) peak (also secured with chains).

STARTING-POINT: Lysá Poľana (blue marked path).



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